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Dear friends and family,

Happy New Year from the Goins! It’s been a while since we’ve shared, so naturally we want to send some New Year’s advice from Dude Perfect. Every other week Brian takes Palmer and a few dudes to Chick-fil-a to dig into biscuits and Dude Perfect’s book, Go Big. 

After the Dude Perfect guys nailed the “The World’s Longest Basketball Shot” from Kyle Field at Texas A & M, they learned, “No matter the doubts, always allow uncharted territory to be more, not less, motivating. So whatever your dream, remember there is always exciting, untapped potential locked inside the unknown. Keep your focus there, not on tiny reasons for doubt.”

Christmas is a “Go Big” story about an unlikely couple, from an unknown town, with an unbelievable tale…that changed the world. Every year we rest in our Christmas traditions, while Mary and Joseph, saddled with doubts, traded the known for the unknown. Jesus traded the halls of heaven for the walls of a womb.

If you haven’t heard, we have decided to Go Big by moving to Little Rock, AR. Yes, you read that right. As you may know, we have spoken as FamilyLife speakers for the last 8 years and after a good chunk of prayer, counsel, and hand-wringing, Brian accepted the role of Sr. Creative Director at FamilyLife.

At a stage in life where we appreciate the known of Charlotte: routines, church, schools, club sport teams, the Tarheels, an inevitable undefeated Panther team, and sipping coffee on our screened in porch, it’s hard to imagine the “untapped potential locked inside the unknown” of Little Rock.

Our kids all love Charlotte. Brantley is thriving (and driving) as a sophomore at Lake Norman Charter School and plays for a national-level volleyball team. Needless to say there’s a dart board in her room with Brian’s face on it. She soothes her pain with latte’s and trips to Good Will. She loves to travel and dreams of living in Montana one day.

Palmer or “PJ” is 5’0” and 5’3” with his afro. He plays club soccer and rec basketball, devours action books, and keeps us rolling with his humor. He and Gibson battle the neighbor kids at b-ball, trampoline soccer, and Nerf wars.

Gibson, 7, mimics his brother in most everything but reading. He’s more of a numbers guy. He tries to keep up with Palmer in sports. After reading The Kissing Hand, he insists his mom kiss his hand 5 times before school. His dad affectionately punches him five times in the arm. Ever the baby of the family!

Jammer is alive and well – still eating everything he can get off the counter and jumping sky-high to catch frisbees.

But around June 2016, we will trade the known for the unknown. Though we lived in Little Rock for a year back in 2000, we’ve built a home here. This Christmas, we’re reminded that God calls people to Go Big for his glory. For Mary and Joseph, they left home. For Jesus, he left heaven. For some it means going across the street. For the Goins, we’re following our King by going away from the Queen City, and to Little Rock.

Regardless of our future address, many things will stay the same. We’ll pick out our Christmas tree in the mountains of North Carolina every Thanksgiving break. Montana beckons every winter and summer. God will shape our kids into his image. Jen will volunteer at church and school, study Scripture with friends, and keep blogging about great recipes and ideas at Brian will throw disc golf with the boys, swim, and catalyze ideas that matter at

And regardless of who is calling the Hogs in Arkansas, our hearts still bleed for the Heels.

So Go Big this New Year. Find your hope in the God who knows what lays beyond the unknown. We’re definitely trusting Him for that!

Our very best to you and yours in 2016.

Brian, Jen, Brantley, Palmer, Gibson, and Jammer Goins


2 Responses to A New Year’s Greeting from the Goins

  1. Hello Goins,
    We know all too well what it means to leave one place trusting God for the other. We will be thinking of you guys and please know the little time we had with you was so truly special. I absolutely love how you guys loved our boys especially BJ. He absolutely loved all the attention he got a Ren….. May God continue to keep you in the safety of his arms as you travel across country to start this new life. We can not wait to hear what God is going to do and how he is going to use you….

    • Dinner and Family says:

      Thanks so much Charlotte! You have been where I am going and I appreciate your understanding and prayers. Miss you!!

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