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  1. Colleen Vargas says:

    Hi Jen,

    We had the pleasure of meeting you in Tampa @ the best weekend we have ever spent together. So glad to have met you & wanted to thank you and your hubby for your time that you gave. We loved the humor, personal connections and honesty. I’d love to keep in touch with you. You’ll remember me, I’m the one who sat right upfront with the polka dots.
    Talk again soon, and thanks again. You inspired my husband and I.

    • Dinner and Family says:

      It was such a great weekend for us, too. Yes, I remember those cute polka dots 🙂 Keep writing to me – and I promise to respond! Have a great week – hope you can apply some of things we all learned together this weekend!

  2. Anna Lisa Jones says:

    What a wonderful time we had with you and Brian at Pine Cove last week! It was great to reconnect and share all that God is doing.
    Your blog is amazing! I am definitely going to be using your recipes at our table (in our new house!).
    One of the things that we are trying to do is grow our community groups by reaching out to neighbors, taking food, and inviting people in to “break bread together”. Could you suggest some recipes that would be good in these situations – especially meals to take to people who just had a baby, etc?

    • Dinner and Family says:

      Hi Anna Lisa! It was so great seeing you guys again! You two are just awesome! So excited about all your ministry in CO! Here are two things I like to make for families: taco bar. Make 1 lb. of chicken and 1 lb. of ground beef. If the family is big, give them all the meat, but if not, take half for your family for dinner! Use Mexican seasoning (a packet or make your own) and put the meat side-by-side in a 13×9 disposable pan. I always use disposable pans because I found that returning dishes and having them hang around my house drove me a little crazy when I had a new baby and the house was crowded anyways. Then just add toppings: lettuce, tomato, black beans, a bag of cheese, a small container of sour cream, salsa, etc. I have a recipe for Brian’s Bodacious Bean Dip on the blog that is very popular with our friends and family. I like this because kids can pick and choose what they like on the taco and, if you throw in a bag of chips, they can make nachos the next day with the leftovers!
      Do nursing women usually crave beef? I sure did! There is a beef soup on the blog that is really good – full of veggies, beef, and barley. Include a loaf of bread and maybe a salad bag and done. Hope these ideas are helpful! Keep in touch!

  3. Tammy Baillie says:

    Hi Jen,
    My husband and I really enjoyed our weekend to remember in the Poconos. We were both trying to remember the names of the movie clips that were shown. I think one was Family Man and wondered if you know the other one. The clip was of the husband and wife having a heartfelt conversation outside their vehicles, I think in a park. Do you know the one I mean?

    Thank you to you and your husband for everything you put into the weekend.

    • Dinner and Family says:

      I think you’re talking about The Story of Us. I’m so glad you enjoyed the weekend! You are welcome for everything and may God bless you and your marriage 🙂

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