Brian and I are honored to be speakers for the FamilyLife Weekend to Remember. This wonderful 3-day getaway is designed to help nurture couples in their marriages. No matter the state of your current marriage, this weekend focuses on building oneness between you and your spouse. During the getaway I mention books and resources that might be beneficial to your marriage and family. I get requests for the following books and quotes often, so here they are in an easy-to-find format.

Find out more about a Weekend to Remember HERE.

Books I Mention (and highly recommend) at the Weekend to Remember:

On Abuse

A Way of Hope from FamilyLife. Order: HERE

The Emotionally Destructive Relationship by Leslie Vernick

On Marriage

Staying Close by Dennis and Barbara Rainey (this is the Weekend to Remember in book form)

For Woman Only by Shaunti Feldhahn

The Surprising Secrets of Highly Happy Marriages by Shaunti Feldhahn

On Sex

Sexual Intimacy in Marriage by William Cutrer and Sandra Glahn

Red-Hot Monogamy by Bill & Pam Farrel

Intimate Issues by Linda Dillow and Lorraine Pintus

Kiss Me Again by Barbara Wilson

On Children

Grace Based Parenting by Tim Kimmel

God’s Design for Sex (explaining sex to children using a series of age-appropriate books) by Carolyn Nystrum, Stan Jones, Brenna Jones

Kim’s Story

After the tragic death of her husband, my sister, Kim, wrote me this email after I asked her how she respected her man. Her response was amazing.

Sometimes I would think to myself, “Honey, I love you, but I just don’t respect you right now.” I thought I was letting my husband down easy. In my mind, if he knew I loved him despite some of the things he was doing, that would make him feel better – maybe even motivate him to become the sort of man I could respect. I had totally missed my part in Ephesian 5:33. Amazingly, God does not specifically exhort me to love my husband – he knows I can do that pretty easily. He tells me to respect my husband…and the shocking part is: He doesn’t put conditions on it. He asks my husband to love me unconditionally – independent of what my husband does! How can I do this? How can I do it when my husband makes bad choices? How can I do it when he doesn’t treat me lovingly? How can I do it when he isn’t following the Lord? I can do it because I trust God. It’s that simple: Do I trust God enough to respect my husband unconditionally? You see, God created my husband with the need to be respected – a need that sometimes goes beyond even the need to be loved. If God created that need, He chose me to fulfill it.

*Please note that if you are a woman in an abusive relationship, I urge you to tell someone and get yourself to a safe place. Part of loving and respecting a man could be holding him accountable for his actions. See book recommendations above.

Quote from Zig Ziglar:

 I have no way of knowing whether or not you married the wrong person, but I do know that many people have a lot of wrong ideas about marriage and what it takes to make that marriage happy and successful. I’ll be the first to admit that it’s possible that you did marry the wrong person. However, if you treat the wrong person like the right person, you could well end up having married the right person after all. On the other hand, if you marry the right person, and treat that person wrong, you certainly will have ended up marrying the wrong person. I also know that it is far more important to be the right kind of person than it is to marry the right person. in short, whether you married the right or wrong person is primarily up to you.

The Hormone of Love (quoted from Kiss Me Again by Barbara Wilson)

Scientists have discovered that in addition to releasing chemicals during sex, the brain also releases a hormone called oxytocin, and these work together to create a strong bond between people. This invisible bond works like superglue, permanently attaching us emotionally and spiritually to a lover. This bonding happens with everyone with whom we have sex – whether we’re married or single and whether the sex is consensual or forced. It’s what God was talking about when He said that with sex ‘two will become one flesh’ (Mark 10:8).

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4 Responses to Jen’s FamilyLife Page

  1. Brooks Herman says:

    Hi Jen,
    My husband and I just attended the Weekend to Remember in Asheville. We are also from Charlotte and have been married for 17 years. We live in the Ballantyne area. We went to get away and to reconnect and we came away with so much more.

    From learning how to communicate better, how to handle conflict and just to support and encourage one another we feel so much better equipped to handle whatever life throws at us. It is all stuff we knew but with trying to juggle my husband’s career, me holding down the fort as a stay at home mom and keeping up with an 11 year old and a 13 year old we needed a refresher and you and Brian delivered. Thank you so much for all the stories you shared and encouragement that you provided. The weekend truly made a difference and it is one that we will remember! -Brooks

    • Dinner and Family says:

      Thanks for sharing, Brooks! I’m glad you came and I hope you can continue to grow in your marriage. Blessings to you both. Check in from time to time and let me know how you’re doing!

  2. Katie Calkins says:

    Brian and Jen,
    My husband and I cannot thank you enough! We just attended the Weekend to Remember at Skyrop Lodge (what a beautiful place!) Prior to attending, we didn’t know what marriage was despite being married for 13 years! We had no idea the depth of God’s design for marriage. We laughed together, we cried together and more importantly…we got it together! We are committed to being cycle breakers and legacy makers. God has blessed us with four amazing children, we are committed to showing them what it means to be married in the realm of God. Thank you for your committment to helping others! You came alongside us this weekend and taught us how to truly love. We are forever grateful for the gift that Weekend to Remember has given us! Good luck with your move! May God surround you with wisdom, love, and patience!
    With love and respect,
    Rob and Katie Calkins

    • Dinner and Family says:

      Thanks so much for this awesome message! We are so happy for you and your new-found love. Oh man, I just praise God for you! And pray you that is lasts!! Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing. What a blessing you will be to your family and to others.

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