Marriage is hard work. There is no doubt about it. It takes intention to keep it moving to good places. Brian and I have so much fun together, but we struggle at times. We have been married for almost 20 years now, and one thing has helped us like no other.

Weekend to Remember put on by FamilyLife is a getaway for just you and your spouse. It features passionate speakers, helpful books, humorous stories, and precious time away from the busy-ness of life. There are speaker sessions packed full of inspiration and practical tips on how to maintain and even make your marriage thrive. And there are times of focused communication – questions and brief activities that are designed to help you grow in your relationship with each other. Everything is between you and your spouse, so you don’t have to make small talk with strangers or share your deepest secrets in a small group. There’s even a date-night built into the getaway, so you can relax and unwind during the weekend.

While Brian and I do speak at these events, we are always amazed at what we actually learn from the other speakers! We have some hilarious and remarkable couples on the team. Each one brings a unique story, theme, or specialty to the table. And they are real. I know them personally and they will make you feel normal. We all fight, make mistakes, have to apologize, and deal with past issues. These couples are honest with all that, but share how God has helped them work those things out in their marriages. I have always been surprised at how many comments we receive on that: “The couple who spoke seemed to struggle with what we struggle with. I felt sort of normal!”

Whether you need a major overhaul or just a tune-up, A Weekend to Remember is a great way to keep your marriage on the right track. God has used it in my life – I know He can use it in yours, too!

And guess what?? I have been authorized to give you $100 off the registration cost!! Click HERE to register and enter SPEAKERTEAM into the group name box for the discount. Believe me, the weekend will be worth every penny you put into it. You do maintain your car, right? Make sure you’re also maintaining the most important relationship you’ll ever have on earth: your marriage!

*And if you are a woman reading this, I give you permission to use this analogy to get your man to go. I know it’s tough convincing husbands to give up a whole weekend to focus on marriage, but reassure him that it will worth it!

Here’s a throwback photo of our wedding day! The photographer made a great display of my bouquet, rings, and invitation. We thought it was a great way to remember these special things. I have since had my ring re-done in platinum because we bought the rings in Thailand and the gold was extremely soft. My diamonds were falling out!! Brian still wears the gold band…mostly because he can’t get it off his finger 🙂

Wedding Photo. dinnerandafamily.com


3 Responses to The Best Marriage Getaway

  1. Becca says:

    We just returned last night from the WTR conference in Cedar Rapids. We thoroughly enjoyed the conference – Brian is, in one word, hilarious!! I’m a foodie myself and am enjoying checking out your blog. Blessings to you and your family!

  2. susan yates says:

    Love this Jennifer!
    We love these conferences. Thanks for sharing this!
    See you soon!

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